The main objective of Harare Truck Stop is to provide a refuelling and service facility for heavy vehicles, where drivers can rest in a safe, secure and clean environment and with a kiosk offering hygienically prepared food and clean ablutions. We plan to introduce a truck wash bay coupled with basic spares for trucks later this year. We are able to accommodate up to 40 large trucks for parking at any one time. All our fuel is supplied by ZX Fuels. We are fully compliant with EMA (Environmental Management Agency) and ZERA (Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority) and hold all our operating licences.

At Harare Truck Stop we control your refuelling needs. Controls are in place to alert operators – via email and SMS of any transaction taking place at the facility. We have high-definition cameras to assist operators to get on top of fuel control and for security for your cargo and drivers.

The Harare Truck Stop is committed to supplying high standards to the transport community

We welcome new clients and will ensure that your truck, its driver and the cargo is safe during times of rest. Most accidents occur when a driver is fatigued and his judgement is impaired by lack of sleep. So it is of imperative that there is a safe place where the driver’s can sleep in order to be alert and vigilant for the journey ahead.